Since 1975, BULLSEYE has been synonymous with Top Winning Staffordshire Bull Terriers. From multiple National Specialty Winners to multiple All Breed Best In Show Winners, BULLSEYE has been the force to create and move forward the breed in America. This is a legacy of great bloodlines, great winners and producers. Continuing on into our fourth decade, we celebrate the accomplishments of these great dogs and bitches that have successfully surpassed the standard and set the pace in Staffordshire Bull Terriers year after year.

Through the years, BULLSEYE’s dogs have won more than 60 All Breed Best In Shows and more than 500 Terrier Groups and numerous National & Regional Specialties.

Zane has also owned American Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers and other breeds that have set the standard for excellence as well as having an impact in the show ring. Click around and meet BULLSEYE’s dogs.

Zane Smith


From the age of 8 years old, Zane Smith was interested in purebred dogs. Although his parents knew nothing about the AKC or dog shows, they bought the family an AKC Registered Bulldog in the early 1970’s and shortly thereafter a registered Keeshond. The first experience at a show was a local AKC Keeshond Club match show in Phoenix, Arizona in 1973.

It was not until 1974 that Zane would attend his first All Breed show at a suggestion of his 4-H club instructor. In March 1974, at age 11, Zane went to the Superstition Kennel Club all breed show in Mesa, Arizona where he was hooked by watching dogs being shown and judged.

Ironically, Zane would later become Vice President of the very same club, Superstition Kennel Club, then one of the ten largest AKC All Breed shows in the U.S.

After studying for months, using primarily the “AKC Complete Dog Book”, his love of Bulldogs lead him to read about related breeds who had better health, longevity and no prominent hereditary defects that plagued other breeds like the Bulldog. Keeping in mind there was no internet, no cellphones and no Google, he has to do it the old fashioned way and all of it while being a kid in between school and life. He loved what he saw and read about the American Staffordshire Terrier, but soon found a “new” breed to the AKC, that being the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The “Stafford” seemed to him to be a great alternative to the Bulldog from a health/longevity point of view and smaller and more manageable than the larger American Staffordshire Terrier. Soon therafter he started to search for breeders of Staffords, which in 1974 were relatively few and none existed in his own state. With his parents’ permission, he began to write letters to a few of the small number of Stafford breeders in the U.S. at the time.

In 1975, his parents took him on a visit to Southern California, where they visited several breeders, including Bill & Lynn Elitch (KALLIOPE), Bill & Judi Daniels (STARZEND), Dottie Wickham (CONQUEROR’S), Jim Davenport & Rob Phillips (DAVENHILL) and Sam Haynes (CHAINMAKER) and saw many dogs and bitches, including Bringarry Dangerman, CH Gamecock Collectors Item, CH Trugrip Jezebel, CH Kalliopes Satin Doll, CH Silverzend Satan, CH Northwark Beck Sharpe (the first U.S. Champion of the breed) and CH Tinkinswood Imperial (the first male Champion of the breed in America), among others.

“When I saw Bringarry Dangerman, at Bill and Judi’s home, I said to myself and my parents: ‘Wow, that’s what I want! “Danny”, as he was known, was just an amazing dog to me, both in type and temperament. He became a very influential sire in those early years in the breed. Imported from England by Mrs. Lilian Rant (SILVERLAKE), he was bred in the UK by Mr. Brian Blower (BRINGARRY). He was, without question, a great Staffordshire Bull Terrier.”

“When visiting the East coast soon thereafter, the dog that impressed me similarly to Dangerman, was the red dog, CH Kavalier’s Lord Jeff, who was American bred, out of Tillie’s Golden Princess, was ironically bred by Don & Irma Tillman of Maryland, who I would come to co-own a top winning Stafford with more than 15 years later, I had intended to breed my first bitch (CH Piltdown Miss Equal) to Lord Jeff, but that did not come to pass.”

“After seeing the breeders and dogs in California, During that same time period, at age 12,  I had made contact with a prominent breeder, Ed Rowland (PILTDOWN) in New Jersey. Ed, originally from England himself, was a brother to the well know UK Stafford judge Dennis Rowland. Ed & Sylvia owned another prominent sire in the breed at that time, a red dog from England, CH. Millgarth Powerpack, CD. This dog was primarily Weycombe, Carivale and Dennybeck lines. Lord Jeff was sired by Power Pack and I wanted something from him and liked what I saw that he was producing. After many letters and phone conversations and picture exchanges (no email, internet or cell phones back then!), I decided to buy a bitch puppy from the upcoming breeding the Rowland’s had planned between CH. Millgarth Powerpack and CH. Piltdown Red Contessa. This litter was a great success ending up producing 4 champions, including my bitch, Piltdown Miss Equal.”

“Although it was never on the radar screen, my dream breeding at the time was wishing that Rowland’s would breed their brindle pied bitch, Piltdown Princess Warpaint to Daniels’ Bringarry Dangerman – but that never happened. Princess Warpaint was grand-dam to Miss Equal. Princess Warpaint was everything I wanted in a bitch at that time and Dangerman was everything I wanted in a dog….so why not bring the two together. I guess that’s how you become a breeder, you have vision for something – or least that is what is should be!”

Many, many years later Zane would buy both of Ed & Sylvia Rowland’s last two Staffords, CH. Rannvans Pride Of Rannoch (UK Imp) and his first bitches litter sister, Piltdown St. Eve.

Between that time, Zane would also buy a red pied bitch puppy named CH Piltdown Mata Hari, who would later become the Top Bitch in 1982. “I went on a trip back east to show CH Reetuns Lord Jim at some shows and stayed with Ed and Sylvia at their home. At the time, Ed had a 6 week old litter out of CH. Rannvans Pride Of Rannoch (UK Import) and CH Piltdown Bill Of Truestaff.”

“When he let the puppies out to run around the backyard the evening we arrived back to his house, there was a red pied bitch (Mata Hari) who I absolutely went crazy over. What an amazing puppy, oozing with type and substance and just fell in love with her and told Ed he must sell her to me! He loved her too, and it was very diffcult to convince him to do so, but he eventually, weeks later, agreed to co-own her with me and so she came to us in Arizona.”

In 1977, two years after starting in the breed and after already having CH Piltdown Miss Equal, Zane had been on a search worldwide, through letter writing to find the right dog (male) now. “I wrote every prominent breeder in the world or at least in the UK, and several in Australia and Europe. Letters back and forth would take weeks, eventually most everyone did respond in one way or another.”

Since there were no websites, no internet listings in the 1970’s, Zane gathered addresses from what few Stafford magazines were available in the world at that time and simply wrote letters to ask what was available. “One day I received a letter in the mail from Albert Wood of Reetuns fame in Yorkshire, England offering to sell us English CH Reetuns Lord Jim, who had been the Top Stafford in England in 1974, Top Puppy in 1973 and had won 9 CC’s and 7 RCC’s (including CRUFTS), which was quite a substantial record, especially for the time, including the RCC at Crufts in 1974. When I received this handwritten letter one afternoon after coming home from school (I was 14 years old at the time), I couldn’t believe that such a dog was being offered and without even asking! Of course you immediately wonder what is wrong with the dog and why would someone want to sell and export him?

Ch Reetuns Lord Jim, CH Bullseye Red Renegade, CH Bullseye Double Rank & CH Bullseye Forget Me Not - Judge Mrs J. Shorrock (Eastaff - UK)
CH Reetuns Lord Jim, CH Bullseye Red Renegade, CH Bullseye Double Rank & CH Bullseye Forget Me Not – Judge Mrs J. Shorrock (Eastaff – UK)

What is interesting is that to this date, after 80 years of English Kennel Club breed recognition (1935), Reetuns Lord Jim is still the ONLY Top Winning Stafford in the UK to ever be exported from the UK. This was our great fortune to have acquired such an amazing dog who would go on here in America to become the Top Stafford in the US in 1978 & 1979 and Top Stud Dog in 1980. He also defeated more Staffords in competition at the two largest gatherings of Staffords ever in the US before there were National Specialties.

CH Reetuns Lord Jim
CH Reetuns Lord Jim, Best In Show at the SBTCA Match in Fountain Valley, CA, June ’77. 110 Staffords entered under UK Breed Specialist Judge Mr. Ron Servat

He won Best In Match in Los Angeles at the Western Staffordshire Terrier Society, winning under UK Breed Specialist Vic Pounds, defeating 132 Staffords, and then also at the SBTCA Match in June 1977 in Fountain Valley, California under UK Breed Specialist & Worldrenown Judge Ron Servat, defeating 110 Staffords. These entry numbers at a competition for the breed have never been duplicated anywhere in the country since that time. Lord Jim became a groundbreaking winner for the breed.”

“Later that same year (1977), I bred my first bitch, CH Piltdown Miss Equal to Lord Jim. Prior to that breeding, I had met an Englishman at a local show named Barry Crowe, and his wife, Margaret. They had moved to Phoenix several years before and were out of Staffords alltogether.

Zane & Barry Crowe with Reetuns Red Tornado & Reetuns Iron Duke as puppies
Zane & Barry Crowe with Reetuns Red Tornado & Reetuns Iron Duke as puppies

I guess I instigated them back into the breed through my constant calls to them to ask about the breed and what their opinions were, especially after my first litter was born that year. Barry came and assessed my first litter and taught me a lot about so many different aspects of the breed from a practical point of view. Soon thereafter, they were getting another Stafford puppy from people who had maintained their previous lines to some degree in California. Their kennel name of course, was the very well known BARZAKS. Their original dog was an English import named Wild Boy, a son of Eng.CH Jolihem El Toro, the famous brindle dog of Lionel & Jo Hemstock of Jolihemzane nat dog 6 '79 in the UK. Barry told me he had considered Lionel a mentor for him, which I found interesting as I later came to know Lionel myself and visited with them in England in their later years in the breed. I consider to this day both Barry and Margaret as true mentors to me as a young boy and will forever be grateful to them for their support, wisdom and guidance in those early years. They bred many true and worthy Champions and helped many people in the breed in the 1970’s and 1980’s. I later imported three littermates from Albert Wood (Reetuns) where Lord Jim had come from, and co-owned a red dog from that trio with Barry & Margaret named CH Reetuns Red Tornado.”

“Both Red Tornado and his import brother and sister (who I kept), CH Reetuns Iron Maiden and CH Reetuns Iron Duke, were half brothers and sister to Lord Jim. Red Tornado or “Red” as he was called, eventually was voted at that time (mid 80’s) as the Most Influential Stud Dog in the breed in the US. A son of Eng. CH Westpoint Warrior, he produced many outstanding dogs and bitches. “Red” lived out his years in California zane2 nat dog 6 '79with Art & Sue Levin, who were friends with Barry and Margaret, had previously owned one of the first Champions of the breed in America, CH Gamecock The Great White Hope.”

As noted above, Zane Smith has been involved in AKC purebred dogs since he was 12 years old. His first entre into the world of Breeding, Exhibiting and eventually Judging, began with Staffordshire Bull Terriers, in 1975, the year that the AKC gave full recognition to the breed.

Zane showing CH Catastrofes Touch Of Heaven at the Canadian National Specialty
Zane showing CH Catastrofes Touch Of Heaven at the Canadian National Specialty

Over these many years, Zane has had the privilege to own many top winning and producing Staffordshire Bull Terriers, including the above mentioned breed’s first Terrier Group winner (Eng & US CH  Reetuns Lord Jim), the breed’s first and only Breeder-Owner-Handled Best In Show winner (CH Bullseye Battle Hymn) and the Top Winning Stafford of all time in the US (GCH Cumhil Hell Raiser)

Through the years Zane has owned and/or bred many Best In Show, Group Winning and National & Regional Specialty winning Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers, Miniature Bull Terriers, Irish Water Spaniel and even the Top Winning Tibetan Mastiff of All Time. His interests in dogs is diverse, and has also included owning the Top Winning Neapolitan Mastiff, a Top Winning Australian Terrier, but through the years, his focus has always been about the Bull Breeds of our Terrier Group.

Zane has always loved Bull Terriers and Miniature Bull Terriers, so in 2007, He imported from England a red and white Miniature Bull Terrier (CH Jiltrain Give Me A Clue), who was the Top Winning Miniature Bull Terrier in the U.S. in 2007, and a multiple Group winner back before Mini’s won very many groups. A couple of years later while judging in Spain, he saw a Colored Bull Terrier who he thought was a wonderful dog (CH Black Shark De Rocabull), and imported him. He became the Top Winning Colored Bull Terrier in the U.S. in 2009, having won multiple Terrier Groups and an All Breed Best In Show.

Zane still continued to have a desire for further involvement with the Bull Terrier, so in 2014 he acquired GCH Glentoms Dirty Harry, and he finished the year as the Top Winning Colored Bull Terrier Dog.

Many years ago Zane was a founding member of the Bull Terrier Club of Central Arizona, and as a founding member, he was honored to judge their very first match, before they had even gained any recognition from the National club or anyone else. “What a pleasure to work with such excited, enthusiastic people – several of whom are still deeply involved in the breed today.”

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